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Amplifying the Voices of Black & Black British Architecture Community: notes on the stories gathered in 2020

Words with most appearance from the collection of experiences shared with us in 2020. Black in Architecture®

We connected the dots from the experiences we gathered in 2020. Please see the key themes below. These themes and issues will guide the Black in Architecture Racial Equity Framework and Black in Architecture Racial Justice Charter.



Role models

Marginalisation and segregation

Support systems



Career prospects

Respect and trust

Architectural education



Credits and rewards for labour


Advocacy and campaign

The Curriculum

Whilst some of these overlap, they have been themed according to the narratives that shared with us in 2020. We will be sharing our breakdown of each of the themes.

Black in Architecture invitation: Reflections on our 2020 survey design

Reflecting on the survey design in 2020, the gathering of people’s lived experiences will now consider spaces for collective voices as well as individual voices. It will be mindful of what retelling these narratives might mean for people (reliving the experience) and how Black in Architecture might manage these for both the researcher and the people sharing their experience.

Voices & Experiences: Responses to our 2020 survey

The collection of experiences shared with us in 2020 were originally posted on our old website, on our Twitter page and on Instagram. These can still be found on our Twitter page at @blackinarch.

We now explore ways of creating and nurturing the type of spaces that provide people with the right conditions to share their narratives.

Below is a screenshot from our working Miro frame with some of the experiences from our 2020 survey.

Experiences — screenshot from our working Miro frame. Black in Architecture, 2020

Ethics: Black in Architecture is very mindful of ethical issues related to its work. More on this will be shared with the survey and results.